What’s it Like to Live in Bali with Kids??

What’s it Like to Live in Bali with Kids??

I often get asked what it’s like to live in Bali and the answer always depends on the day. There is good and bad in every place you could live and everyone’s experience is different. But more and more families are moving to Bali with their kids, so it’s a topic I thought I should delve into more deeply. Here are my thoughts, pros/cons, and general ramblings on what it’s like to live in Bali with kids.

Day-to-Day Life


My day-to-day life differs a little from families who have moved here as a whole unit. I’m married to a Balinese man and live in the family compound so my life is somewhat more “local style” than others. I’m very lucky to be part of a tight community and have in-built babysitting and playmates for my kids. However, it can feel like I’m constantly being watched and everyone knows everyone’s business in a village. The kids even get tired of being asked the same questions over and over.

Generally though, life isn’t so different than it would be elsewhere. There are the usual routines of school runs, work, cooking, bedtimes etc. My real bonus is that I have a helper that comes to clean 6 days a week. This makes me a nicer person and keeps me from crying about dirty dishes and things like that.

We go to temple for Hindu holidays and help with ceremonies in the community. I don’t do half as much as the amazing local ladies, but try to help out when I can.


– Balinese communities are incredible if you make yourself part of it. They will keep you and your house safe and your kids will have friends to play with all the time.

– Being able to hire help with cleaning and/or kids

– The weather is pretty much always good enough to go out and play


– Everyone knows or wants to know your business

– Being treated like a tourist every day can be really draining

School Options


If we were in the UK the kids would have the choice of 2 schools. Here a lot of ex-pat families choose the area they live in according to the school their kids will attend.

Up in Ubud we don’t have a whole lot of choice, but from around Sanur and south there are a lot more options. Options don’t come cheap though. Schools in Bali range from $5,000 – $20,000 a year (US$). This may come as a shock, but international school educations are costly wherever you are in the world.

I personally have chosen to put my kids in a very local school called a National Plus school, but when they get to junior high they’ll be moving to an international school.

You can find more information in our blog: 11 International Schools in Bali

We also have a great blog about alternative schooling in Bali, which you can find here: The Definitive List of Alternative Schools in Bali


– A large choice of schools (in the southern part of Bali)

– Kids socialize with others from all over the world

– They will most likely learn Bahasa Indonesia and maybe other languages


– School fees are very expensive

– Holidays can differ from those back home making it difficult to have time with family/friends

– Curriculums can vary and may not match well if you move back home



Healthcare is one of my biggest worries about living in Bali. In the UK we would have the NHS, and no matter how slow etc. it would be there in an emergency. In Bali we have insurance but this can be expensive and difficult to get if you are an ex-pat family or have pre-existing conditions. Many families by pass this by using a yearly travel insurance plan while they live in Bali.

The other worry is the standard of healthcare. Even ‘international standard’ hospitals can be pretty rough and the doctors say some pretty insane things. I still don’t have any solid plan of what I’d do if one of us got really ill. My top choices would be BIMC or Sanglah International Wing, but I don’t think I’d be very happy about going to hospital at all in Bali.

In serious situations it’s possible to fly to Singapore, Bangkok or Australia for treatment. I won’t do a pros and cons here because I don’t really feel like there are any pros of living in Bali when it comes to healthcare. This may be a different story if you are coming from somewhere like America.




I’ve mentioned the cost of schools, but what about the cost of living? Rental houses are getting more and more expensive and most landlords expect at least 1 year’s rent in advance. You’re looking at Rp80million – Rp160million ($8000 – $16000) per year for a 2-bedroom house.

Depending on how many air conditioners you use and if you have a pool, electricity can be anywhere from Rp500,000 – Rp3million per month.


The other main expense you’ll need to consider is visas. It is possible to get a one-year stay permit (KITAS) for students from most international schools. Parents will need either a Social Budaya visa for a 6-month stay, or a Business Visa, which allows you to run a business in Indonesia.

If you decide to homeschool, you will all need either tourist visas that can be extended up to 60 days, or a Social Budaya visa for 6 months. Both options can get costly with having to do visas runs with a whole family.



It is possible to eat extremely cheaply in Bali. Feeding a family of 4 on $5 a day is not uncommon in Balinese compounds. Morning markets are great places to shop for fruit and veg and the night markets hold delicious street food treats. However, if you want to eat healthy it can be way more expensive.

Over the past few years the cafe and restaurant industry has boomed in Bali. When I arrived you couldn’t buy fresh milk in the supermarket! You can now find just about any type of food you can imagine, world-class coffee shops and smoothie bowls galore. I love all this food, but it’s definitely taken a toll on my budget. $6 for a smoothie bowl, $7 for smashed avocado on toast and $10 for a pizza is the norm these days. We can easily spend $50 on dinner for the 4 of us.


– You can find gorgeous villas with pools that you probably wouldn’t be able to live in elsewhere

– No paying for heating

– Amazing local food and so many great café & restaurant choices


– Paying at least a year’s rent in advance

– Running air conditioners is costly

– Finding and keeping up the right visa and visa runs

– Food is pretty expensive

Activites for Kids in Bali
Bali is extremely kid-friendly and there are way more things going on than there were a few years ago. From art classes, yoga and sports, to holiday camps, there is always something happening. You do have to keep a really good eye out for events though. Things are rarely published until the very last minute and there isn’t yet a great online calendar for events. (we tried but it’s really hard!)

We have also found that classes tend to come and go very quickly because the numbers are never consistent. This is the transient nature of Bali and I’m not sure it will ever change. We end up doing a lot of one-off events rather than a term’s worth of classes or after school activities.

I have to say I’m quite jealous when I see my friends’ kids in Australia, the UK or America all booked up with consistent activities.

Thinking of Making the Move to Live in Bali?

Are you considering moving to Bali? What are some of the concerns/questions/reservations you have about the move? I’d love to know and to be able to help you with some insider advice. Follow our Facebook Page for great community advice and tips for holidays or living in Bali. You can also see what fun we have on a daily basis on our Instagram feed.

The Best Nyepi Packages for Bali’s Day of Silence

The Best Nyepi Packages for Bali’s Day of Silence

Nyepi is an amazing time in Bali and is a great time to take advantage of Nyepi Packages at amazing hotels. Every year the whole island shuts down for 24 hours when the Balinese believe bad spirits visit the island trying to cause trouble. Finding the island ‘deserted’ they then leave the island alone again for a whole year. Locals and tourists are asked to stay indoors on this day and use as little electricity and make as little noise as possible. However, resort or hotel guests can use the facilities as long as they stay within the grounds. Hence, 2 night Nyepi packages for locals and visitors to the island to enjoy.

Tijili Benoa

  Tijili isn’t so well known yet, but this great little boutique resort in Tanjung Benoa might have just what you need for a 2 night getaway. Their Nyepi package is just Rp1,800,000++ for a Deluxe Courtyard Balcony room with breakfast for 2 people included. Benefits include welcome drinks & tropical fruit basket in the room upon arrival, free WI-FI throughout the property, free entrance to kids club, 24 hour in-room movie entertainment on the 17th, and a 1 time dinner on the evening of Nyepi. Get all the details on this deal HERE

Ayana & Rimba

  The Ayana Resort and Spa and Rimba by Ayana invite you to stay and take part in Bali’s famed Ogoh-Ogoh Festival this year. Checking in on the 16th of March you’ll relax and enjoy 2 nights in the resort, and even join the carrying of the Ogoh-ogoh with a complimentary t-shirt, sarong and udeng ceremonial headdress for men. Afterwards, the celebrations continue with a delicious buffet feast at Kampoeng Bali. On Nyepi Day itself, guests can enjoy their day relaxing by the pool or indulging in a luxury spa treatment. Included in the package is a 2-hour Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool Treatment. In the evening, when the stars are ready to blanket the night sky, guests will be invited to enjoy a “star grazing & gazing” dessert picnic on one of the resorts magnificent grassy lawns. Prices start from USD$243++ per room per night (Rimba by Ayana) including breakfast. Find out all your options HERE

Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar

  Experience Bali’s day of silence in the relaxed surroundings of Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar. This 2-night package includes complimentary lunch and dinner for 2 persons. Rates start from Rp3,000,000nett per room for 2 nights in Deluxe Pool View and Jacuzzi Deluxe Rooms. The fabulous pool will be open for guests and free wifi internet is available all over the resort. Get the scoop on this deal HERE


The Anvaya Beach Resort offers the latest in luxury, with world-class facilities and service, a variety of accommodation choices, and authentic architecture and interior design. This Nyepi package is inclusive of a 2-night stay in a Deluxe Room, with daily buffet breakfast and a one-time buffet dinner on the evening of Nyepi for two. Enjoy the use of the swimming pools, spacious fitness centre and other in-house amenities while you relax in the resort. Prices start from Rp1.680.000 per room, per night. Check out the package HERE

Hard Rock Resort Bali

  Witness the famous Ogoh-Ogoh Parade, Melasti Ceremony and Kuta Beach’s festivities at Hard Rock Hotel, sitting beachfront on Kuta Beach. A range of exciting activities are specially prepared for guests so no one will be bored being stuck in the resort! This package is inclusive of daily breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old, 2 Rock Spa vouchers, and a Nyepi buffet lunch for 2 adults. You can also enjoy other complimentary services such as in-room blockbuster movies, all you can read digital newsstand with the most popular newspapers and magazines, free access to Body Rock Fitness Center including sauna, steam room and whirlpool, and Tabu Teen Club. Prices start at Rp2,500,000 for 2 nights Find more details on this package HERE Check out our blog post from last Nyepi at the Hard Rock HERE

Movenpick Resort Jimbaran

  This resort is one of Bali’s newest and most family-friendly resorts. With fabulous pools, kids club and water play areas and great restaurants, this is an ideal place to be ‘locked in’ for the day. Their Nyepi Package includes daily breakfast for 2 people, complimentary selected children’s activities and Meera Kids Club entrance pass (4 hours), complimentary meals for children under the age of 6 when accompanied by a paying, Rp300,000net dining credit during the stay, and complimentary selected refreshments from minibar. There will also be a special meal package on Nyepi Day and price start from just Rp1,386,000++/room/night. Contact their reservations now to book


Experience the serenity of Nyepi in the sumptuous surroundings of Sofitel Bali. Enjoy the  blend of French elegance and unique Balinese culture at this lavish 5-star beachfront resort with landscaped pools, gardens and beautiful white sand beach. This Peaceful Nyepi Escape package includes a daily buffet breakfast for 2 people. Of course, their fabulous hotel grounds with lagoon pools and open areas will be the ultimate spot for relaxation – and star gazing at night! Prices start at Rp2.300.000 per room, per night. Book this offer HERE  

Hilton Resort

  Situated on the south side of Nusa Dua, the newly branded Hilton Resort Bali is home to 4 pools, 6 restaurants, waterslides, tennis courts and a very unique Kids Club. This is a popular choice for families and is great for Nyepi Day. This Nyepi enjoy a package including daily buffet breakfast for 2, free extra bed and breakfast for 1 child, free one-time special Nyepi buffet dinner for 2 adults and 1 child and free access to the Jungle Kids Club during the stay. You’ll be looking at Rp1.750.000 per night with a minimum of 2 nights. Email to book now HERE

Ayodya Resort

  The lush, traditional grounds of the Ayodya Resort Bali are surely going to give you the perfect atmosphere for Nyepi. Their special stay package includes daily breakfast and complimentary luncheon and dinner buffet on Nyepi day. The resort will provide a range of activities on the day of silence, including billiards, darts, ping pong, kids activities (treasures hunts, Balinese dress up etc.) and more. They will also hold their own Ogoh-ogoh parade from their lobby to the beach just for the guests. Prices start at Rp3.000.000 for 2 nights. Email to book this deal now HERE 

Alaya Ubud

In preparation for Nyepi Day when the island of Bali literally shuts down, Alaya Resort Ubud is offering an escape from everyday life. This restful two-night package honors this cultural holiday in the best possible way with essential time out to unwind and recharge. This Nyepi offer includes a one hour traditional Balinese massage at DaLaSpa , a set dinner at Manisan and a Nasi Raja lunch experience at Petani Restaurant. Other benefits such as afternoon tea and free wifi are also available to enhance the experience. Prices start at Rp4.200.000++ for the whole package. Get ready for Nyepi relaxation at Alaya Ubud by clicking HERE

Elephant Safari Park Lodge

  In the stunning village of Taro, north of Ubud, you’ll find Taro Elephant safari Park and Lodge. To celebrate Nyepi and the silence that comes along with it, take some time to be in nature in a Garden View room. This includes entrance to Elephant Safari Park, museum & gallery, tickets to the elephant talent show, daily breakfast at Mammoths Head Bar & Lounge, one time Elephant Safari day-ride, one time lunch and dinner, one time afternoon tea and a printed photo with the elephants. You’ll also get to bathe the elephants and have access to the fitness room, park relaxation pavilion & gazebos. This is definitely a unique Nyepi experience with the price of Rp4,950,000  per family (2 adults & 2 children under 12) Visit their website for More Info

W Retreat Seminyak

  If you really want to splash out for your Nyepi stay, W Bali Seminyak is the way to go. W is offering a special package that includes daily breakfast at the fantastic FIRE restaurant, buffet Nyepi dinner at the Great Room, unlimited access to their fitness centre, and complimentary access to the cold & hot plunge hamam and detox chamber at Away Spa. Prices start from Rp5.500.000 per room per night. Find out more HERE   

Nyepi Packages for Indonesian Citizens and KITAS/KITAP Holders Only

InterContinental Bali Resort

Take advantage of a fabulous offer to stay at the InterContinental Bali Resort for a Nyepi break. You’ll stay 3 days/2 nights in luxury with dining inclusions and discounts on spa treatments and food & beverages. Prices start from 4,500,000++ for 2 nights. To book email: [email protected]      

Padma Resort Legian

The much-loved Padma Legian is offering a Nyepi stay in a Classic Deluxe Room for Rp3,590,000. This is a great price and includes a daily buffet breakfast for 2 people, one time lunch for 2 people and one time dinner for 2 people. Wifi is also free in rooms and public areas. Get more details and book on their website

Nyepi Packages for the Whole Family

  If, like me, the thought of being stuck in the house with your own kids fills you with fear, get one of these packages booked now! Your kids will be entertained, you’ll have some time to chill and you won’t have to lift a finger cooking or cleaning all day. Enjoy!!  

Bali Holiday Camps Your Kids Will Love!

Bali’s endless summer doesn’t mean there aren’t times when the kids are out of school and bored. The long break is coming and whether you live in Bali or are coming to visit, one of these fabulous Bali holiday camps might be just the thing to keep the kiddos busy and stimulated.

The Garden Early Learning Centre


5-Day Programmes, June 19th – July 28th 2017

Starting June 19th, The Garden will be running six 5-day programmes, each with their own unique theme. from Arctic adventures, to kings and queens, to getting down and dirty on the farm, kids will learn, play and get creative with all kinds of fantastic activities.  Morning sessions run from 9am-12pm, lunch club from 12pm-1pm, and the afternoon session from 1pm-4pm. Kids from 2-8 years old are welcome, but spaces are limited and this is a very popular learning centre, so book soon!

Pelangi Kids Camp


July 3rd – 28th 2017 | 9 am – 2pm

Pelangi School offers a fun and educational school break program for children with activities that support their age and stage of development. Staffed by Pelangi faculty, each themed week includes daily lunch and lots of art, music, sports, weekly field trips and fun. Kids will be split into 4 age groups (2-4, 4-6, 7-9, 10-13) and you can choose to attend week by week or all 4 weeks. Camps for all ages run from 9am-2pm Monday to Friday.

For more info, click HERE.

Super Hero Factory


June & July 2017 | 10 am – 2pm

Starting June 15th Super Hero Factory will run weekly camps from 10am-2pm, Tuesday through Saturday. If your kids have lots of energy, this is the camp for them! They’ll learn the skills of parkour, gain confidence and keep active during their time out of school. The camps are Rp300k per day including pizza lunch or only Rp1.2million if you book a full week. Carpooling is available for families traveling from Ubud.

See the event HERE.

Regents Summer Program

June 20th – 23rd & June 28th – 30th, 2017  | 8:30 am – 12 pm

Regents Summer Classes will offer fun and challenging activities for your kids from grade 1 to 7. This programme is open to kids from any school and will include morning exercises, arts, exploring maths, adventures in science, recycling projects, amazing race/ survivor games and lots of imaginative play.

For all the details click HERE.

Bali Circus


19th June – 1st September 2017 | 10 am – 4 pm

Bali Circus’ Summer Camp will run for 11 weeks this year, during which kids can learn tons of new skills. 5-12 year olds are invited to learn tricks, tightrope walking, juggling and even aerial acrobatics! Full and half day sessions are available. Every Friday at 3pm there will be a performance for parents and friends!

Get all the details HERE.

Bali Gymnastics


June 19th-23rd, June 26th-30th, July 3rd-7th, July 31st- Aug 4th

Girls and boys from 6 – 15 years old are invited to Bali Gym camp at Crossfit Wanderlust in Canggu. From 10.30am-3pm each day kids will learn about warm up series and skills on floor, beam, vault and mini tramp. This is a semi recreational gymnastics camp including levels 1-4 floor skills with the aim to enjoy the activities while making new friends and discovering new skills. Also included is: Understanding of gymnastics attire and hair and attitudes, gymnastics tutorials, moveis and clips, an end of camp performance and certificates. All snacks and lunches provided and a 10% discount for 1 week early bird registrations and those traveling long distances to join the camp.

Get more details HERE.

The Anak Atelier

June 22nd -July 21st, 2017

The Anak Atelier Holiday Camp is ON this July Holidays! From 22nd June to 21st July, kids can enjoy a range of fun and exciting activities. The amazing Anak Atelier teachers have pulled together an excellent programme incorporating 4 main themes: Super Heroes, Tropical Paradise, World Holidays, and Treasure Hunters.

Parents can opt for half-day mornings from 9am until 12pm or full days from 9am until 3pm. Places are open for children aged 18 months to 10 years old.

The daily drop in rate is 150,000rp for half days and 250,000rp for full days or you can choose to pre-book the full 22 days and get 3 FREE sessions or pre-book 9 sessions and get 1 FREE. Lunch is included for the full day programme.

Kids Club is still running from 3pm until 5pm at the usual rate of 140,000rp per session, along with the package discount (book 9 sessions get 1 FREE).

Limited spaces available so book now to avoid disappointment!

See the event HERE.

The Green School


June 12th -16th, 2017

Day camps for ages 7-12 and overnight camps for those aged 8-12 are being offered again this year at the incredible Green School campus. Kids will exploring Bali’s rice paddies, create organic gardens and make organic chocolate harvested from the cacao trees on campus. Overnight camps include campfires and night safaris!

Get more details HERE.

Alam Atelier

July 10th – 29th, 2017 (Monday – Friday + extra Saturday sessions)

Alam Altelier in Canggu will be running a variety of activities and classes for kids from 6 months all the way up to 12 years. 

Kindermusik and BazGym will be running programmes for the first 2 weeks but for a full schedule of the 4 weeks click on the link HERE!

Bali Holiday Camps


Are your kids dying to get out of school but will be moaning about being bored a week into the holidays? Get them signed up to one of these incredible Bali holiday camps and save everyone’s sanity! Let them socialize, learn and get some of that holiday energy out while you work or relax.

10 Nyepi Day Deals for a Bali Day of Silence

10 Nyepi Day Deals for a Bali Day of Silence

Nyepi, or Bali day of silence, falls on march 28th this year. This unique day is the day that everyone in Bali is prohibited from leaving their family homes, hotels or accommodation. The reason for this is to create the illusion of an empty island to convince the bad spirits said to visit on this day that there is no reason to make trouble.

Although most Balinese people stay within their family compounds for the day, tourists, ex-pats and residents of other religions often choose to stay in a resort or hotel where they can still use the facilities, order food and enjoy a short holiday. We’ve chosen some of the best Nyepi deals in case you want to have a day of silence without too much silence…

1. Hard Rock Hotel Bali

The Hard Rock Hotel Bali is in the perfect location for watching the incredible Ogoh-Ogoh Parade, Melasti Ceremony and all the Kuta Beach festivities before spending Nyepi, Bali’s day of silence, in style. Ring in the Saka New Year 1939 with range of exciting activities specially prepared for Hard Rock Hotel Bali guests. This 2 night package includes daily buffet breakfast and a one-time Nyepi Set Lunch for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old as well as complimentary Wi-Fi for multiple devices, complimentary in-room blockbuster movies-on-demand, complimentary all you can read digital newsstand with most popular newspapers and magazines, free access to Body Rock Fitness Center including the sauna, steamroom, whirlpool and Tabu Teen Club. If that wasn’t enough you will also enjoy a 10% discount in Hard Rock Cafe Bali including merchandise, 15% discount on Hard Rock Hotel Bali merchandise and 20% discount on food at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant.

For more details on this package click HERE

Hard Rock Hotel Bali Resorts with Waterslides Bali Kids Guide

2. Grand Aston Bali

It’s the perfect time to retreat from the hectic world and experience the peace of Bali during Nyepi Day at Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort. The resort’s Nyepi deals include a tropical drink & cold towel upon arrival, daily International buffet breakfast for two, lunch and dinner for two on March 28, a meditation class at 6am and a yoga class at 4.30pm onon March 28. You’ll also get a one-time 60 minute Balinese Massage for 2 and 30% off other spa treatments at Biwana Spa.

This deal is valid for Indonesian citizens and KITAS/KITAP holders only. For more details click HERE 

grand aston bali bali day of silence bali kids guide

3. Four Points by Sheraton Kuta

Enjoy the silence of Nyepi Day at Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta with your family and friends for just Rp1,900,000. This offer includes a welcome popsicle upon arrival, 2 nights accommodation in a Deluxe Lagoon View Room (27-29th March 2017), daily breakfast for 2 at The Eatery, free access to the Kids Club, free wi-fi and in-house activities on Nyepi day.

Please note an additional Rp300,000++/night will be added for a Deluxe Lagoon Access Room.

For more info on this deal click HERE

Four Points by sheraton kuta bali day of silence bali kids guide

4. Koa Surfer Hotel

For a laid back Nyepi in a trendy spot, Koa Surfer Hotel has some great deals this year. Stay 2 nights in a Superior Room and you’ll also get daily breakfast for 2, a one-time lunch and one-time dinner for 2, free one-way airport shuttle, free shuttle to watch Ogoh – Ogoh at Banjar Berawa or Tegal Gundul, 24 hours Box Office Movie channel in your room and lots of kids activities during Nyepi Day. Baby daycare services are charged at Rp75,000 for 2 hours.

For more details on Koa’s Nyepi package click HERE

Koa Surfer Hotel bali day of silence bali kids guide

5. Padma Legian

Embrace the silence and darkness of Nyepi Day at the Padma Resort Legian where there will be relaxation but also plenty of services for you and the kids. Rates start at Rp3,490,000 for 2 nights in a Deluxe Room, including daily buffet breakfast, a one-time lunch and one-time dinner for 2 adults on Nyepi day and wi-fi access throughout the resort.

For more info and additional rates for family rooms click HERE

Padma Hotel Legian bali day of silence bali kids guide

6. Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the serenity of Nyepi Day. There will be organized activities while the youngsters will have fun at Westin Family Kids Club. You will also be able to choose from three swimming pools including a water slide to keep the kiddos busy. Bali’s auspicious day of silence is an opportunity to totally unwind. Rates start at Rp1,790,000 ++ per room per night for a Deluxe Garden Room with Valid for stays from 25th – 30th March 2017 for a minimum of 2 nights stay. Stay at Deluxe Garden Room with daily SuperfoodRx breakfast for up to two adults and two kids and you’ll also enjoy one buffet dinner for 2 adults and 2 kids, welcome fruit, access to The Westin Family Kids Club with many fun activities ; Star Gazing, Fishing, Kite Making, and late check out until 5.00pm.

For more details on this special offer click HERE

westin nusa dua bali day of silence bali kids guide

7. Accor Hotels

The Accor group is offering Nyepi deals at many of their Bali properties, including Sofitel Nusa Dua, Pullman Legian Nirwana, Novotel Bali Nusa Dua, Mercure Bali Nusa Dua, Ibis Styles Petitenget and Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua. The selection of packages ranges from Rp450,000 per night all the way up to Rp4,500,000 per night, so take a look at the link below to find your perfect package.

Click HERE for more info

accor hotels bali day of silence bali kids guide

8. Trans Resort

The Trans Resort is offering a great deal on a chilled out Nyepi stay. Pay Rp4,200,000++ for 2 nights and you’ll also get daily breakfast for 2 persons, a one-time buffet lunch for 2 persons, 20% off all spa treatments, movie night, a family fun fair, and kids club access. This family favorite resort is a great choice for a tranquil but luxurious Nyepi day.

For more info on this package click HERE

trans resort bali day of silence bali kids guide

9. Ayana & Rimba Jimbaran

The Ayana and sister hotel Rimba are the height of Balinese luxury and are offering discounted rates from $243 US per night. You’ll get to participate in an Ogoh Ogoh ceremony, enjoy a delicious buffet feast and a 2-hour Aquatonic treatment (Ayana), “star grazing & gazing” picnic, transfers, and breakfast.

Click HERE for more information on these packages

Ayana Resort bali day of silence bali kids guide

10. Agata Resort Nusa Dua

Secluded and tranquil, the Agata Resort is offering 2 nights in their luxurious 2 bedroom lagoon pool access rooms for Rp5,000,000. This includes 21% tax and service, daily breakfast, one-time lunch and one-time afternoon meal on Nyepi Day, a daily Balinese afternoon tea, shuttle to the Ogoh-Ogoh parades in the Nusa Dua areas and discounts on food, beverage and spa treatments.

For more information click HERE.

agata-resort-bali day of silence bali kids guide

Nyepi Day Stays for Bali Day of Silence

Nyepi is the perfect day to switch off from the world and relax with your family. There are some great deals around, so grab yourself a room with a view, a pool to lounge by and you’ll be all set for Bali’s day of silence.

Family Quad Biking Bali on the Beach with Aussie Bali Adventures

Family Quad Biking Bali on the Beach with Aussie Bali Adventures

Want to see Bali from a new perspective? Aussie Bali Adventures will take you and your family on the tour of a lifetime on a Family Quad Biking Bali Tour! These tours are suitable for all ages and are custom designed for families with kids.

Aussie Bali Adventures are Bali’s one & only quad biking company permitted to take ATV tours on the beach. You’ll ride along countless miles of remote black sand beaches, then up through scenic rice fields, jungle tracks and down through traditional local villages then back onto the beach for a final run.


Along the way you will see temples built on the beach for local ceremonies, amazing rock formations, river crossings, local fisherman, kids and families swimming and bathing in the rivers and lakes along the beach, a bat cave, and local farmers tending their rice fields and local produce. Kids playing and riding their bikes along the tracks to the beach and in and around the local villages will run out to wave and greet you, and if you’re lucky you will see a local ceremony or local horse riding on the beach.


Many say it’s the best 2 hours they spent in Bali with amazing scenery and photo opportunities, just check out Aussie Bali Adventure’s website and reviews on Trip Advisor! This tour offers the best of Bali – you will not experience so much diversity on any other tour.


Aussie Bali Adventures will customize your quad biking Bali tour to your needs to make it a great family day with your kids. They have a variety of tracks to suit your experience and confidence, and also a range of bikes from kids 125cc to larger ones for riding tandem. The bikes are fully automatic and very simple to operate for beginners, and they provide all safety equipment and training. All you need to take is sunscreen, a towel and a camera!

Kids 3 – 7 years old will ride with a parent and from 8 years they can even ride a full tour on their own, depending on their experience and confidence level. Most kids will even get a chance to ride on sections of the beach on their own!  


Aussie Bali Adventures will pick you up in an air-conditioned, wi-fi fitted van and drive you in comfort to their beachfront location in Tabanan Regency, just 15 minutes west of the famous tourist destination, Tanah Lot Temple. Depending on the pickup area and traffic conditions, it’s approximately 55 minutes drive from the Kuta area. On arrival there is some paperwork to be completed and you will be advised of safety rules, then it’s off for the best 2 hours you will spend in Bali.

Finish at their restaurant with an infinity pool on the beach for a beautiful meal and ice cold soft drink. Head back to your hotel after a great quad biking Bali tour, and why not ask the driver to stop at the local mini mart for a few beers so you can relax on the way home?  


Pricing: 2 Hour Tour / Ride Time
Single = $85 USD
Tandem = $130 USD

Group/family discounts available for groups or families of 6+ pax. Cash onsite only in Rupiah,  AUD or USD.

Price includes: Return air-conditioned transport, onsite insurance, all safety equipment & training, photographer options, light refreshments & restaurant meal and drink, and infinity pool use.

Pick up times:  Pick up areas are Nusa Dua – Sanur – Kuta – Legian – Seminyak – Ubud – Canggu
Morning: 7.30am   –   Middle: 9.30am   –   Afternoon/Sunset: 2.30pm

Aussie Bali Adventures will be running tours on Christmas and New Year’s Day, so book in for a unique family experience! 

Devdan Show Specials for a Christmas and New Year Treat

Devdan Show Specials for a Christmas and New Year Treat

It’s holiday time! Explore the treasures of the Indonesian archipelago through Devdan Show performance at a special promo price over the festive period.

“A Magnificent, Alluring and Daring Show”

Bali Nusa Dua Theatre is the premiere setting to showcase Bali and Nusantara’s rich and diverse cultures with stunning illusions, dazzling costumes, uniquely artistic contemporary cultural dances and heart-stopping aerial acrobatic performances. The audience is taken on a magical journey across Bali and beyond to the Archipelago of Indonesia. This 90-minutes mega production of Devdan is a “must-see” show where you discover Indonesia in a thrilling and enchanting way, as never experienced before.  See the show and be prepared to fall in love with our amazing Indonesia.

Devdan Show

Dinner and Devdan

Enjoy an exclusive dinner before the show and free pick up transfer, when you book VIP or A category seats for a minimum of 2 adults. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2016.


You can also take advantage of a massive 50% Discount on all seats from the 26th until the 31st of December, 2016. (VIP 50% discount only valid for Saturday shows). Take the whole family to this incredible show for half the normal price.


Book Your Tickets for Devdan Show Now!

Book now : www.devdanshow.com

To book tickets contact Devdan Show – [email protected] or call +62 361770197