Tips for Stress Free Travel with Kids

Tips for Stress Free Travel with Kids

We all know travel with kids can be stressful but travel can have an immensely positive impact on them. The knowledge they will acquire, skills they will develop and memories they will gain from travel, makes it totally worth it! Plus there are some really great travel products; info and tips out there that can help you make it a stress free and enjoyable experience.

Keeping children comfortable and entertained as well as being organised are vital when it comes to family travel, and Australian company Kooshy Kids has products that will help you achieve all of these things.

Child Comfort – Getting Some

Sleep Onboard!

Kid comfort is key, especially on long-haul flights, which can be a nightmare if you don’t have a way of letting your child fall asleep comfortably. They will be sprawled out all over you for hours with no one is getting any quality sleep. One of the most practical ideas I’ve seen for travel in a long time is from Australian business Kooshy Kids.

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion can be used to create a flat, flexible space for kids to enjoy as a couch or bed on the aeroplane (or for that matter train or bus). It is placed on the floor between your child’s seat and the seat in front and then inflated, providing a large flat surface for legs to stretch out and little ones can lay flat for sleeping. It’s simple to use, lightweight, durable and comfortable with a soft material on top.

Over 50 airlines allow the use of the Kooshy Kids Kooshion during flight with some conditions like it must be deflated for takeoff and landing. This product is a must when flying with kids, if the kids can get some sleep then so can you and it makes a big difference!

Toys & Games – Keeping kids entertained!

For kids with tablets and gadgets letting them watch their shows and play their games really is the best way to keep them entertained. Just make sure they are fully charged prior to departure. But a tip, before its time for sleep give them a break from the back-lit screen to help them wind down, perhaps read them a book or tell them a story, or quietly sing them a song if they are small, to help them relax before sleep. If you’re looking for some alternate entertainment that engages children’s creative minds and gives them a nice break from technology there are some great travel friendly games available.

Kooshy Kids recommends and stocks Tiger Tribe products. Tiger Tribe games are compact and portable and encourage independent play, they are perfect for travelling kids. Magnetic games, play scenes and design boards help develop imagination and fine motor skills. Other entertainment options you can include are books, packs of cards, yoyo, journal and any small toy that is portable and easy to pack (hanging toys you can click to their backpacks are good).

Pack snacks – Fill their little tummies!

Kids can get cranky when they are hungry and they may not like the plane food or be provided with enough snack type options. So best to pack some snacks with you, take something healthy and their favourites, or surprise them with something new. Carry them in a separate easy to access bag, snacks are also a good way to pass some time and keep kids quiet. Also remember to encourage your kids to drink lots of water and walk around; they may like to explore the plane or train!

Plan in advance – be organized and prepared!

One last thing, you do need to be extra organised when travelling with kids. Research the destination and find out what activities there are to do with kids, what restaurants and hotels are family- friendly and what items you can order in advance to help you out. Think about pram or car seat hire at the destination. It also pays to be organised with your families travel documents and its helpful to keep all passports and other paperwork together in a safe place. A Kooshy Kids family passport wallet is ideal for this. The wallet makes it easier when needing to access passports quickly and minimizes the chance of losing one or misplacing essential documentation.

Making Travel with Kids as Stress Free as Possible


Travel really is the best gift you can give your children so go book that family holiday, use the tips above and grab some Kooshy Kids products to help make it stress free and create some happy memories exploring the world together!

Click HERE to go to the Kooshy Kids Shop.

Hey Hendrix! Bamboo Clothing for Kids

Hey Hendrix! Bamboo Clothing for Kids



We’re really excited to offer the chance to win $100 spending spree for Hey Hendrix! This is a brand born out of love a mother’s love for her own child, and the desire for him to feel 100% comfortable in his clothes. It also comes from a respect for the environment. All Hey Hendrix clothing is made from eco-friendly bamboo locally sourced and organically grown.



All Hey Hendrix pieces are handmade in Bali from bamboo, the most gentle fabric for a baby’s skin. It’s soft, cozy and thermo-regulating so it will keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties, keeping babies germ and odor free. Bamboo is also the perfect material to dress babies and children with sensitive skin in. It has no irritating fibers that can cause rashes, skin sensitivities and itchiness.

Bamboo grows quickly, doesn’t need large amounts of water to grow, and is simple to process into yarn. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly materials to work with.

The Hey Hendrix range offers comfortable tops, onesies and cool harem pants for babies and kids from newborn up to 6 years old. The simple styles and colours will match or layer perfectly with anything in your little one’s wardrobe. The pieces also make fantastic gifts for friends and family.

Visit Hey Hendrix on FacebookInstagram or shop on the Hey Hendrix Etsy shop!

Cryoow! Bali Introduces Bali Goo!

Cryoow! Bali Introduces Bali Goo!

What is Cryoow! Bali?

Cryoow! is an abbreviation from the first two letters from the words in the sentence: “CReate YOur OWn!” and Cryoow Bali are doing just that! This small business encourages you to have something produced that is exactly what you or your customers are looking for, whether it’s bags, cushions, clothing or just about anything else you can imagine! They will help you all the way from your idea to the finished product, working with you personally all the way.
Cryoow! is a concept they really believe in and hope that people will create their own designs and have things handmade instead of buying everything cheaply from China. Anyone can design products but not everyone can make them, so the talented tailors at Cryoow! are here to help. When you work with Cryoow! you will end up with something that is your own, something you can be proud of, and something that gives your home or business a personal touch.

Introducing Bali Goo


Bali Goo is the newest product from Cryoow! and will be an absolute hit with the kids.

After plenty of experimenting in their Sanur lab, Bali Goo has come up with the perfect mixtures of non-toxic giant bubble juice, bubble accessories, Cryoow! slime, and accessories like slime base, slime activator and glitter in 6 colors.

Several sizes of bottles are available and you can even take your own to cut down on plastic waste. Special packages are available for parties, schools and gatherings and all products are “made in Bali” by Bali Goo brewery!

Stop by the Goo Brewery with your kids and get all you need to make your own slime or customize ready-made slime at the brewery. You can also order and have your bubbles or slime delivered by Go-Jek!

Why Buy from Cryoow! Bali?

By supporting businesses like Cryoow! you are helping out local people and also buying from an environmentally responsible business that really cares about the island.

For more information on Cryoow! and their products visit their Website

or Facebook Pages: Cryoow! and Bali Goo

Buying Swimwear in Bali for You and Your Kiddos

Buying Swimwear in Bali for You and Your Kiddos

While you can always pack a couple of swimmies for the kiddos, you can also get some great swimwear once you land in Bali. Swing by one of these swimwear shops if you are on the lookout for high-quality swimwear for the little ones. Here are some great places for Buying Swimwear in Bali:

Hardy’s Sanur

Hardy’s is the largest supermarket in Sanur. This supermarket has everything from groceries to basic home goods and everything in between. The ground floor has a pretty great selection of branded swimwear, making buying swimwear in Bali is super easy!

Hardy's Sanur Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit: Panoramio

We always head to Hardy’s Sanur to score great deals on quality swimwear for the kids! You’ll find one piece or two piece swimsuits for little girls and rashies or trunks for little boys that come in different sizes. And at very affordable prices, you can grab a couple so the kids have extras.

See Hardy’s Sanur in our directory.

NicoNico Mare Swimwear

Founded in 2004, Nico Nico Mare is one of the best swimwear stores in Bali. The store has several branches all over the island including a few shops in Seminyak. Nico Nico Mare is owned and operated by acclaimed designer Nico Genze, who is best known for his work for Victoria’s Secret.

NicoNico Mare Swimwear Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit:

Nico Nico Mare’s swimwear collection is inspired by Genze’s travels. His selection of children’s swimwear isn’t huge but every piece is simply divine. The pieces are always colorful, stylish, and playful. Apart from one piece swimsuits and mix n’ match printed bottoms; we love the themed swimwear available for boys and girls.

See NicoNico Mare Swimwear in our directory.

Kahuna Surf Kids

If you’re staying in Kuta and are buying swimwear in Bali, Kahuna Surf Kids specializes in a wide selection of beachwear. If you are looking for swimwear with unique prints and designs, this is the best swimwear store to check out because of the standout pieces!

Kahuna Surf Kids Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit:

Kahuna Surf Kids offers a great selection of beachwear for children age two and above. You will love the eclectic mix of surf-inspired streetwear, brightly colored swimmies, and mix n’ match collection. Kahuna Surf Kids has everything from unisex tees, board shorts, and dresses, as well as cute shorts, tank tops, and surf wear for both girls and boys.

See Kahuna Surf Kids in our directory.

Padilla Bali

Padilla first opened its doors in 1993 selling an array of swimwear for children and older kids. It has developed its business further and has since become a top clothing manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, and exporter of sporting and swimming apparel in Bali. Today, Padilla is one of the largest swimwear stores in Bali!

Padilla Bali Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit: Padilla Sport

If you love options for your little fashionista, you will love Padilla’s dizzying selection of bikinis, tankinis, one-piece swimsuits, jumpsuits, surf wear, boardshorts, and fitness wear. Understanding the importance of cultural diversity, Padilla offers Muslim swimwear too. These are long-sleeved overalls with head covers. Almost every design comes in adult and kids sizes so you can surely find whatever you need at Padilla.

See Padilla Bali in our directory.

Blue Glue Bikinis

Blue Glue Bikinis specializes in chic, high-quality swimwear for children. This swimwear store has a lot of branches all over the island, including in Seminyak, Ubud, and Nusa Dua. We love Blue Glue Bikinis’ extensive selection of children’s swimwear in every imaginable color, patterns, and designs.

Blue Glue Bikinis Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit: Ultimate Bali

If you are shopping for your Bali holiday swimwear at Blue Glue Bikinis, we recommend checking out the cool, colorful bottoms that you can mix and match, as well as the super cute ruffled bikini tops for toddlers!

See Blue Glue Bikinis in our directory.

Summer Chicks

Buying swimwear in Bali Bali Kids Guide

We love how Summer Chicks goes for unconventional designs and materials, including swimmies with intricate beading or maternity swimwear. And there is something for everyone, even kids that are not comfortable wearing a traditional bikini!

See Summer Chicks in our directory.

Indigo Kids

Indigo Kids is one of the leading resort and swimwear brands in Bali. This swimwear shop features Australian designed apparel and swimwear that are manufactured throughout Indonesia. The children’s swimwear line offers great finds for boys and girls aged 3 months to 12 years old! Indigo Kids has several branches all over the island, including in Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua.

Featuring playful prints, eye-catching colorways, and fine embroidery and beading, swimwear at Indigo Kids is totally unique.

Indigo Kids Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit: Bali Buddies

See Indigo Kids in our directory.

Kuta Kidz

Kuta Kidz, which opened in 1988, is one of the longest-running children’s apparel company in Bali. The brand started out as a small shop at Bemo corner in Kuta and has since grown into an internationally renowned brand. Kuta Kidz is best known for its babies and children’s lifestyle clothing and streetwear but the swimwear line is definitely worth checking out!

Kuta Kidz Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit:

The store started out just a few steps from the local beach so you can bet the owners took swimwear very seriously. Kuta Kidz’s swimwear line features a selection of affordable bikini and tankini sets for girls and board shorts, shirts, tank tops, and beachwear accessories for little boys. Kuta Kidz’s swimwear line is perfect for toddlers all the way up to 12 years old.

See Kuta Kidz in our directory.

Surfer Girl

Homegrown Bali brand Surfer Girl prides itself on being “the Happiest Girls Clothing Brand in the World”. The bright colours, quality materials and fun designs are great for girls from babies up to tweens and teens.

Surfer Girl Buying swimwear in bali Bali Kids Guide

Photo Credit: Surfer Girl

Their swimmers are also fantastic for active girls who want to play, swim and surf and be comfy and protected from the sun while they do it. Surfer Girl also has a huge range of clothes, sandals and accessories that your girls will love.

See Surfer Girl in our directory.

There are Loads of Choices for Buying Swimwear in Bali

You’ll need a good selection of swimwear for you and the kids to feel your best by the pool or on the beach. This list should help you find the best spots for buying swimwear in Bali. Enjoy your shopping!