Our Stay at the Beautiful Samata Resort

Our Stay at the Beautiful Samata Resort

The Samata is a Lifestyle Retreats boutique resort just outside Sanur, Bali. It’s definitely not your run of the mill Bali resort, so to spend a weekend there with my husband and 2 kids (8 & 3 years old) was a real treat. We drove down on Friday afternoon and were greeted warmly by the staff, who immediately remembered the kids’ names and made sure they had welcome drinks and snacks. We were shown to our home for the weekend, which turned out to be an enormous 2 bedroom villa with beautiful thatched roofed buildings and an outdoor living room and kitchen. We also had a huge pool all to ourselves.review-samata-bali-kids-guidereview-samata-bali-kids-guide

The villa was facing out to the rice fields and beyond that the sea. You could hear the waves from the villa in the evening when it was beautifully quiet. Another fabulous thing about the villa was the huge grassy area just in front that we ran and played football on. It’s a great space for an event or wedding, but we loved that it was our personal run around spot. review-samata-bali-kids-guidereview-samata-bali-kids-guide

The 2 rooms are not connected, and have heavy glass doors so are much better for older kids who don’t move into their parent’s bed in the night. We ended up all sleeping in one bedroom, which is fine but it left the other room pretty much unused. There is plenty of space in the bedrooms and they have king sized beds that can be split into 2 twins if necessary. Mosquito nets make it really cosy and romantic (if you have the time for that kind of thing) and the lighting was fantastic, with small round lights running in the floor, which the kids loved.

The bathrooms in both rooms were massive, about the size of the bedroom again, and had double sinks, a big open shower and a huge bathtub. Bath salts and bubble bath were all ready for us to have a nice relaxing soak, and they smelled amazing.review-samata-bali-kids-guide

My only worry about the rooms was the glass doors, which my son walked smack bang into a few times. I suppose it’s a testament to how well they clean the glass, and I wouldn’t worry about the glass breaking, but there were a couple of bumps on the forehead.

The reception, restaurant and communal pools are really beautiful and modern. We were the only people in the restaurant both mornings, but I assume the other guests were enjoying their breakfast in their villas.

Another fantastic thing about the resort is the gym facilities. If there is a better gym in the whole of Bali I haven’t found it yet. Seriously, it was a gym goer’s dream. It has a full sized boxing ring, tons of high quality equipment, weights of every size, a yoga studio and a pool right outside. It looks barely used and was empty when I went to workout.

The Area

The Samata is in a quiet area just off the main bypass heading to the east of Bali. You can see the Bali Beach Hotel on the Sanur beachfront from the resort, but it’s actually quite a distance round the coast. On the first evening we drove down to Sanur for dinner and it took around 10 minutes with no traffic. The resort offers a drop-off and pick-up service to Sanur, so this isn’t a major problem, but there is nowhere to walk to from the resort except the beach, and it’s definitely more of a taking a walk and shell hunting beach than a sunbathing, splashing in the water one.

review samata bali kids guide

On the 2nd afternoon we went to a friend’s birthday at the campsite right next to Komune Beach Club, which was just about 15 minutes straight up the bypass in Keramas. Komune is fantastcially family-friendly so is a good option for a day out if you’re staying at the Samata.

Ubud is around 30 minutes drive and again, a driver can be arranged. If it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for, The Samata has it in heaps, but as for shopping, dining or nightlife, you will have to drive/be driven to Sanur or further to find the action.

Eating in and around The Samata

Like all Lifestyle Retreats properties, the management of The Samata are serious about their food. Two menu options, healthy and comfort food, are packed with delicious options that highlight local ingredients, freshly made baked goods, jams and sauces. We really felt like the chefs were well trained and cared about the quality of the food.review-samata-bali-kids-guide

The breakfast options were vast, from eggs Benedict, pancakes and french toast to steamed salmon, quinoa porridge and many more healthy options. The kids shared a really delicious, fresh fish and chips one afternoon and we also had pizza and a club sandwich on the second evening. Everything was really tasty, perfectly cooked and beautifully presented so paying hotel prices was not an issue for me. review-samata-bali-kids-guide

Outside the hotel there is nothing locally until you reach Sanur, and then there are tons of options. You could also get food delivered from Sanur restaurants using the Gojek app.


We loved The Samata and can’t say enough good things about the staff, service, food, upkeep of the villas and the beauty of the surroundings.

However, this resort won’t be for everyone. The location wasn’t a problem for us as we brought our own car, but for those visitors who want to be able to come and go as they please, it isn’t ideal. If you want to relax, unwind and really have a beautiful base to come back to after a day out, I can’t think of anywhere better. The views, quiet surroundings, excellent food and cosy bedrooms with tons of privacy make The Samata a really special place to be and spend time as a family.

The set-up of the villas could also be a problem for guests with small children as the rooms are separated from each other. Our daughter at 8 years old, didn’t want to sleep on her own so we all slept in one bed. This was fine for a couple of nights, but I’m not sure I’d want to do it for a whole holiday.

The Samata is a dream spot for some and just not for others, but we thought the quality of everything was fantastic and would definitely stay again and recommend the resort to friends and family.review-samata-bali-kids-guide

See The Samata  in our directory.

The Sea Shanty: One of the Best Villas in Bali for a Family Holiday

The Sea Shanty: One of the Best Villas in Bali for a Family Holiday

Bali Kids Guide are always looking for the best villas in Bali for families to tell you all about, which is why we were pleased as punch to have the opportunity to stay at The Sea Shanty in Jimbaran. This fantastic 4 bedroom villa is just about as family-friendly as you get. Although we went with just 2 adults and 2 children, the villa will easily accommodate 6 adults and 4 children. Oh Sea Shanty, let me count the ways I love you:

the sea shanty best villas in bali bali kids guide

The Villa

First of all the entranceway with lush greenery and a huge carved door is just beautiful, and is a little sneak peak into what lies inside. We were welcomed whole-heartedly by the live-in staff Lina and Supri and their son Imam, who ushered us into the massive kitchen for a delicious fresh smoothie. The kids (Lola 8 & Marlow 3) were immediately impressed with the open spaces, and all the interesting wall hangings, and details around the villa.


Heading upstairs they were even more impressed with their room for the weekend! They made their marks straight away with some drawings on the giant chalk board and claimed their bunks and stuffed animals. There is also a fabulous bathroom in the kid’s room with an octopus mural above the bath, shower and kid’s bathroom amenities. It’s unusual to find a room tailored so perfectly to kids, but with 3 children of their own, the owners want it to be one of the best villas in Bali for families to really settle into on their holidays.

One of the things we really liked about the bunk beds was that if you put a pillow in the gap between the beds, it acted like a bed rail to stop Marlow rolling out of bed. They also have little personal reading lamps so Lola could still read when Marlow fell asleep.


The master bedroom is just across the landing/lounge area, which made us and the kids comfortable. Marlow, who still gets in our bed most nights was happy to go to sleep in the bunk beds knowing we were just a few steps away if he needed us. The lounge area was also really cozy for chilling and watching a dvd, and there were lots kids dvds and books, which was exciting for the kids.


The master bedroom is gorgeous and airy with a private balcony, huge bathroom with double sinks, massive built in wardrobes, and a lovely outdoor shower. There is also another big ‘master’ bedroom downstairs, which we didn’t use, but is about the same size and opens out to the garden. The 4th bedroom is just next to the kitchen and is a smaller room with an ensuite bathroom and semi-outdoor shower. It’s really charming and open and is great for kids (or adults) to have a rest in during the day.



The living room opens out to a large pool deck with loungers, a sitting bale and a beautiful pool with a shallow area for littler kids. We didn’t use it but the bbq area is amazing with countertops to prepare food on and an outdoor sink. It’s the dream bbq space of most men I know.


The Area

Being one of the best villas in Bali, we hardly wanted to leave The Sea Shanty, but it would have been a shame not to wander down the road to the beach. And it really is just a short stroll; 2 minutes and you’re on the white sand of Jimbaran Bay right next to the famous seafood restaurants. On the first evening we walked down about 5.30 in the afternoon and were amazed at the amount of people already there. Tables were full as far as the eyes could see, the corn sellers were in full swing and there were tons of kids splashing in and out of the water.


We found a couple of comfy beanbag on the beach and hung out with cold beer and fresh juice. It was truly lovely watching the sun set, even if it was with a million other people and a light-up, ear-splitting ray gun that I was stupid enough to buy.

the sea shanty best villas in bali bali kids guide 9

The next day we spent the day chilling by the pool at the villa and went to the beach for a while during the day. The sun was incredibly hot though, so we headed back to the cool of the villa and went again later in the evening when the crowds had got back on their buses and headed home.


If you’re coming from the airport, it’s an easy 20 minute drive and if you want to head over to Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, expect about a 30 minute drive. The Sea Shanty is also really close to Finn’s Beach Club, Karma Beach Club and Uluwatu for days out and some culture.


Lina made the most amazing breakfast and a simple lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches that we had requested. Everything was laid out so beautifully and the pancakes were the most perfectly round pancakes I have ever seen! Everything was delicious and there is a menu of dishes she will cook on request in the folder of info on the villa. Healthy salads, Indonesian favorites and things like pasta for picky eaters are all on there.


We ate on the beach both nights; at a little place with beanbags one night and then at one of the seafood restos. The kids had pizza, which was pretty good and the seafood is always tasty, but it wasn’t anything amazing. However, the atmosphere more than makes up for it. We also ate at Sundara at The Four Seasons on Sunday, which was excellent. This is a real treat with their Sunday brunch and a dip in the pool and is only a 5 minute walk from The Sea Shanty.

What Makes The Sea Shanty One of the Best Villas in Bali

There are many, many things we love about The Sea Shanty, but the things that make it really easy to stay there as a family make a real difference. For example, the non-slip tiles throughout the villa, the nice big garden area for running around and even something as simple as a non-slip backing on the rug in the kids room. These are the little touches that make it such a special place to stay. We didn’t fit the pool fence, but there is one that is supposedly very easy to install and remove.

Lina and her family are absolute stars and were fantastic to have around. I can only imagine how indispensable they would be for a family in Bali on holiday. It’s also great to have the beach right on your doorstep and lots of places to eat and drink close by.

The only conclusion I can really come to after our stay is we’re totally ruined now. No villa is ever going to measure up to The Sea Shanty and given the opportunity I would pack up and move in there in a second!

To find out more about The Sea Shanty and grab some great deals go to www.seashantyjimbaran.com

Family-Friendly & Fun: Holiday Inn Baruna Bali

Family-Friendly & Fun: Holiday Inn Baruna Bali

Said to be one of the most family-friendly and convenient resorts in Bali, we were curious to see how Holiday Inn Baruna Bali stacked up against more expensive resorts in the area. So, Bali Kids Guide sent Steve, Renee and their 2 sons (9 & 11 years old) to the Holiday Inn Baruna in Tuban for a 2 night review of the resort. Here’s what they had to say about it:

The most striking thing about our stay at the Holiday Inn Baruna was that it was, bar none, the best service our family has ever had at a big hotel in Bali. The staff were friendly and genuine without being contrived, and not the least bit overbearing. They were accommodating to every one of our requests (some of them a little unusual), and seemed pleased to help us out of a genuine desire to be friendly. This is unusual for a big chain hotel in a highly touristed strip, where staff often seems to be suffering from major tourist fatigue.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 1

The building itself is beautiful, if a little stereotypical of Bali circa 1980s. It has been well maintained, and many rooms have been updated, though it does show a little wear and tear here and there. Whatever issues exist are quick to be repaired though… we had a small issue with a flickering light in our room and the staff was on to fixing it immediately.  The rooms were very large, with a pull out bed for kids and two large showers plus bathtub, so we felt as though we were in a small apartment.

The experience itself was full of all those little Balinese touches that families love: mango and rosella welcome drinks; towels folded into animal shapes; frangipani petals on the bed. The check-in process at the Holiday Inn Baruna was surprisingly painless compared to other experiences we’ve had in Bali. Quick, informative and friendly.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 2

The atmosphere once inside was not the hustle and bustle of your typical package hotel in Bali. While there were plenty of activities to take part in, it did not feel crowded or noisy, nor were there plenty of drunken Moms and Dads in the pool (which has been a problem for us before).

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 3

Another family staying in the hotel

At the moment there is a large crane overhanging the hotel because of a building project next door. Normally this would be a negative in the experience. However with children, it was actually kind of cool. Watching the cranes swing back and forth and talking about how large construction sites work was fascinating for my boys. The same is true of watching the airplanes come and go from the airport next door. It was great fun and surprisingly quiet. A small price to pay for rolling right off the plane and into luxury (the hotel is literally 5 mins from the airport) instead battling the traffic of Bali.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 4The dinner menu was diverse enough to accommodate everyone’s needs, if a little light on options for vegetarians and vegans. Prices were within reasonable range for upper end restaurants (between 10-20 USD a main dish, with some more expensive imports like Australian beef). The breakfast buffet had some cute options, with carts serving laksa and waffles as well as a dedicated ‘Kids Corner’ where they could get vegetables and fruit in animal shapes, as well as some sugary treats like sprinkled donuts. Truly healthy options here were a little thin, though, and there were no indicators of special foods for dietary restrictions like nut or gluten allergies although we didn’t ask.  There was one fresh squeezed juice option a day to go with the boxed juices, which was a nice touch.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 5 Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 6

The grounds of the Holiday Inn Baruna are vast, with plenty of green space with lush grass to run around on, and very few safety concerns (stairs here and there, is all).  There is one large pool with bar for adults and a kiddie pool about 60cm deep that is attached, but barricaded, for toddlers. Both pools have plenty of balls, sports nets and inflatable toys to keep everyone busy, and a rubberized surface on the pool stairs to prevent slipping. Pool bar staff are very happy to chat, or leave you on your own, as you need.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 7

The beach in front of the hotel is gray sand, and as such, is probably not Bali’s best, but there is plenty of room to run and play and it is set back from the hotel so you don’t need to worry about a toddler getting away from you. One very cool aspect of the beach is that at sunset you will find mainly locals, all of whom seemed very friendly and open to meeting. So it’s not like the resorts where you feel completely in a bubble.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 8

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 9

The world outside the Holiday Inn Baruna is busy, and action packed, as it is one of the most densely developed areas in Bali. The hotel is within walking distance of two major malls that have both Indonesian and western products, along with movie theatres, and access to Waterbom waterpark, which is a big plus if you are staying longer than a few days and would like to get out and about a bit.  The excursion office within the hotel had someone on hand to help every time I checked.

The gym was small but fully equipped with cardio and universal weight machines. All were clean and fully functional. We worked out three times and enjoyed watching the big screen TV.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 10The kids club was one of the better ones I have seen, with a library, lots of board games and stuffed toys plus a pool table, and staff always on hand.  They had plenty of activities scheduled though none of them really interested my kids much. Beware though, there are at least three places where kids can get onto video-games, so if you are looking for a screen free holiday this will be hard to avoid.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Kids Guide 11There was some confusion at the spa over the fact that because we had two boys, we didn’t exactly qualify for the father-son or mother-daughter package, which, together, constitutes the ‘Family’ package. Once we worked through that, though, we had one of the best spa experiences we have ever had in Bali. The staff was very graceful, and all the finer touches (the ginger drinks, the hot tub and rest time in the bale overlooking the sea afterward) were lovely. They even have a chocolate spa, which we will definitely try next time!

Round Up of Our Stay at Holiday Inn Baruna Bali

We had a lovely stay at the holiday Inn. Of all the hotels on the Tuban coast, this one felt very fresh and the staff made the stay fantastic. Overall, we would recommend it to anyone looking for a hassle free, value for money option in the heart of Kuta.

Bali Kids Guide Spend the Day at Jungle Fish

Bali Kids Guide Spend the Day at Jungle Fish

Heading out in the car my 3 year old son asks me where we were going. “We’re going to Jungle Fish” I answer. “What’s a jungle fish?” comes the perplexed reply. “It’s a place where we can hang out and swim” I answer. Immediately he decides there is no way he’s going in a pool with fish in it…

I’m not quite sure what a Jungle Fish is but you can tell your kids not to worry, there are no man eating fish in the pool like my son seemed to think there might be.

Jungle Fish Review Bali Kids Guide

Jungle Fish is in fact part of Chapung Sebali resort, perched over the gorgeously lush Osh River Valley about 15 minutes west of central Ubud. It includes an enormous infinity pool, surrounded by loungers, cabanas and tables where you can relax, eat and drink. There is also a restaurant on the level above the pool that is open from 7.30am – 10pm serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 1

For Rp100,000 per adult and Rp50,000 per child (free under 6 years old) you can spend the day at this amazing pool. The cabanas, caves and hanging beds are Rp400,000 each, for 2 to 6 people maximum. The descent down the stone steps is steep and there are quite a lot of them, so we don’t recommend this for those who have trouble climbing up or down stairs and unfortunately it is totally unfriendly for wheelchair users.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 2

We went in a group of 4 adults and 6 kids ranging from 6 months to 8 years old, so we took over 2 of the huge hanging beds under the sheltered area, with the main pool in front and the kiddy pool behind. If you are planning to go with a big group, you can reserve a cabana or beds in advance, and it’s not a bad idea because the day we were there (a Sunday) they were all full.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 3

Jungle Fish is definitely a place you have to watch the kids, because the edge of the infinity pool is high, but it’s also easy to keep an eye on everyone because there is nothing impeding the view to the pool. There are also fabulous shallow areas in the pool where little ones can sit and splash. You just have to remember that the drop from edge of the shallows are straight into the full depth of water so those that can’t swim should always have their floaties on.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide

After an hour or so of swimming, everyone was starving so we ordered up lunch for the whole group. The kids menu offers pasta, burgers, fried rice and a chicken bento perfect for picky eaters. Prices for kids dishes are between Rp60,000 – 90,000 but when the dishes arrived we were pretty impressed with the size of the burgers and sandwiches. All dishes are msg free and chicken, lamb and beef dishes are organic too!

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 7

Parents had a selection of sandwiches, burgers and wraps, which range from Rp75,000 – 145,000. Ok, it’s not the cheapest menu around, but the quality of the food is excellent. I had a steak sandwich that was so good, I’ve been thinking about it every day since.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 8

Who knew one of the most popular features of the pool for the kids would be the 2 massive boulders in the shallow ledge? They spent hours sliding, jumping and walking the plank. And the best part, was everyone seemed totally cool with their antics. The guests who wanted to sunbathe and read mostly stayed at the far end of the pool the families hung out where there are shallow ledges. It seems to work well for everyone, no matter how crowded it gets.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 9

Next to the kiddie pool there is a nice big gazebo and also 2 changing rooms, which is really convenient if you’re there with kids. There is also plenty of shade and covered areas in case of rain.

The Perfect Place to Relax? Jungle Fish!

Jungle Fish has got the perfect balance of style and family-friendlyness with fantastic staff and a really relaxed atmosphere where the natural beauty of Ubud is on display.

Jungle Fish Bali Kids Guide 10

Review: Enjoy Some Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali

Review: Enjoy Some Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali

Splash Waterpark is a new waterpark located in central Canggu, only minutes from the famous Pantai Berawa and 15 minutes from Seminyak. It is easy to to get to and close to many fabulous hotels and restaurants.

My husband and our 3 boys (ages 8, 4 and 1) headed there and had a great day. There is lots of parking directly opposite, which is great for families, there is also the opportunity to drop everyone off right out the front and then park the car if you have little ones or it is raining.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

Splash is located inside the Canggu Club and the entrance and buildings are lovely and well maintained. The entrance is spacious and check in was relatively straight forward. Prices are Rp 300,000 for Adults and Rp180,000 for children (3 – 17 years), which is a little on the high side as they have less waterslides and features than other waterparks in the area. However, it is very stylish and beautifully fitted out so overall it was a lovely experience. Please remember to try and bring cash as, although there are 5 ATMs at the Canggu Club, you want to have backup cash just in case.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

Besides the waterpark, your entrance fee also allows you access to a fabulous large, air-conditioned gym, cardio rooms, a 25m lap pool, indoor basketball court and outdoor tennis courts. There is also a huge sports field outside which can be used for soccer/football and was also a great space for our kids to have a big run around in a safe environment. Sports equipment such as footballs, soccer balls and cricket sets are available from the gym reception with no extra charge. They also have spotlessly clean changing rooms, a beautiful spa called Body Temple spa and all guests have access to complimentary wifi! The grounds are beautiful and it is a very nice place to spend the day. Everything is well designed and thought out and it really feels like you are in a high-end sporting or leisure club.

Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Kids Guide

Lockers and life vests are also available for rent if you need. All items also require a decent deposit so make sure you take lots of cash. Towels are also available for rent for Rp20,000-40,000 (Children and Adults) with a deposit of Rp150,000. As we live on the island we brought our own but they are there if you need them!

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

There are two food outlets available and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. The kids had a Mie Goreng and chips (I have super fussy kids) and it went down very quickly. My husband had the BLT and I had the Beef Rendang, both were delicious. We also had some beer and cocktails which were good but I would point out that my cocktail was mainly ice and very diluted which was disappointing as they were about Rp90,000 each. I found it hard to taste any alcohol in it at all. I did see the bar tender making some cosmopolitans later on and they looked fabulous! The food is well priced for such a nice location and was good value.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

The waterslides are great! The park is quiet so the queues were non-existent and we basically had the whole place to ourselves. The kids had a blast. Our 4 year old was fine to go down the big red slide and all the smaller ones, plus everything in the kids water playground. Our 8 year old went on everything and loved it all. He is a bit of a thrill seeker! I went on a few but as we have a little baby I spent most of my time paddling in the big pool with him! The park is perfect for young kids, it is easy to see your kids from most parts of the park and it is not too big so again it is easy to get around.

Waterslide Run Down!

The giant racing Slide (4 coloured slides next to each other) was lots of fun (sort of LOL) It was super fast and my husband and 8 year old had a ball. It is nearly 100m and I only managed to go down just the one time as it was a little scary for me LOL!

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

The speed Racer is a mini version of the Giant Slide and is PERFECT for little ones. Our 4 year old had a great time and was able to go down on his own and then continuously loop around over and over on his own! (Bonus for Mum and Dad) This one was great for our whole family as we could all go down together!

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

Super Bowl was another one that I avoided as it went too fast for me but my husband and 8 year old tried it and thought it was fun. Just a note; We went to the waterpark a few months ago and a few of my friends said that you have to keep your hands behind your head, otherwise when you drop out of the bowl into the plunge pool you can hit your head on the bottom of the slide!

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

The Big Red is a great slide. It is very high up which made my kids feel like thrill seekers but it is on quite a small angle so it is not as fast as the others. The kids went down very slowly, mainly because they don’t have any weight on them, however my husband and I were a lot faster as we were a little heavier. There is a height restriction on this one (120 cm) but no one was watching out for it and so my 4 year old was able to hop on a few times despite being closer to 100cm.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

The crazy creek is lots of fun and really lovely to just relax and hang out. It is a decent sized loop and you have two points of entrance and exit. The kids liked it and so did our baby. It was fun to be able to take him on a little ride that was safe and easy! The river is moving and can be quite hard to get in and out of the current so if you have little ones, please be careful.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

The Splash playground was a hit with all three of our kids. There are lots of little slides everywhere (some fast and others slow) and there is a huge water bucket in the middle that fills up and drops every 5 minutes. The kids had a great time playing in there throughout the day. The entry to this part of the pool is graduated so our baby could splash around in the shallow area without us holding him.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

There is also a swinging rope where the kids can jump on and swing into the water (like Tarzan) and a balancing slippery pole, which was lots of fun. This is all part of a giant swimming pool which is close to the restaurants and pool loungers. It was lovely to just relax in there and play with our kids, although I will point out that there is no shade over the pool, which meant we had to take turns sitting with our baby under the umbrellas.

 Family Fun at Splash Waterpark Bali Bali Kids Guide

There are lifeguards around but please be aware that they are not as attentive as ones that you might get in other countries (e.g. Australia). I witnessed one standing next to the crazy creek pool while a child was calling out for help as he was stuck in the current and couldn’t get out. The lifeguard was less than 2 meters from the child and he didn’t even notice his distress. I had to alert him and only then did he take action. I personally wouldn’t rely on them, especially if your child is a poor swimmer.

All up we had a lovely day at Splash and our kids had a ball! I can recommend it for young families as it is a great place to spend time together!

Inaya Putri Resort: New Kid on the Nusa Dua Block

Inaya Putri Resort: New Kid on the Nusa Dua Block

Living near Ubud means we don’t visit the beach half as much as we’d like, so a couple of nights at the brand new Inaya Putri Resort in Nusa Dua was really exciting for my family of 4. We packed up the car and the kids, Lola (8) and Marlow (3) and drove the hour and a bit from our house to our holiday! For those arriving at Bali’s international airport, you can expect to be at the resort within about 30 minutes, or from Kuta/Seminyak in around an hour. When we arrived, the resort definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s beautifully grand, but still Indonesian as you can see in the thatched roof, dark wood and wall decorations. The staff took care of us from the second we walked into the lobby, from valeting our car to giving us refreshing welcome drinks. Checking in Inaya Putri Review Bali Kids Guide The rooms at the Inaya Putri are laid out in ‘villages’ along a wide stone avenue, and luckily we were in the very closest one to the lobby, pool and restaurants. We were also very pleased to find we could step out of our bedroom into a deliciously cool pool, shared with just one other room. If you have toddlers or smaller kids that like to think they can fend for themselves, you would either have to be extremely vigilant or choose a different room, because the pool is literally 1 big step out of the sliding doors. Pool access room Inaya Putri review Bali Kids Guide The bedroom has a living area with a couch, coffee table, desk and tv and the bathroom easily fit everyone in my family…I know this because, as most mothers, everyone follows me to the toilet. There were even seats, so those who chose to join me in the bathroom could get comfortable. inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide

The bed was fantastically comfortable and fit all 4 of us with no problem at all and the little deck outside was great for sitting with your feet in the pool with a cup of coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening. There was plenty of space for a travel cot if you need one and there were doors to connect the next room if you choose to have one room for you and one for the kids, but again with the pool access, these would have to be older children.

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After a quick dip in our pool, we headed up to the main pool, which is actually 3 tiered pools and 2 shallow kiddie pools either side. The photo below was taken all of 30 minutes after we arrived, so you can see we settled in pretty quickly. For the next 2 days we pretty much settled into a routine of floating in the pool, strolling down to the beach and eating excellent food. This is what Nusa Dua is all about isn’t it? inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide The main building behind the pool houses 2 restaurants and the bar as well as the wedding chapel you can see above the pool. It also makes a nice shady area where you can lounge when the sun gets too hot. A handy gelato cart hides under there as well, so the kids ate gelato numerous times while we were there. inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide The beach area right in front of the hotel is really spectacular. Soft white sand, gentle waves and warm water you can just float around in all day. Loungers, beachfront drinks service and plenty of shade under the trees makes it ideal for reading, watching the kids and generally doing very little. If you feel like stretching your legs, it’s an easy walk on the paved beach path to the Nusa Dua Waterblow and restaurants further down the beach. And if you’re feeling really motivated, the resort has surfboards, paddle boards, snorkeling equipment and bicycles for rent. You can also head out on a boat for diving or snorkeling right from the beach. inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide Food-wise we were pretty spoiled for choice at the Inaya Putri. Breakfast is a massive buffet served in the main restaurant, which also serves lunch and early dinners until 7pm. Ja’jan Bistro and Ja’jan by the Sea are very casual and serve a nice mix of international dishes, bbq and typical Indonesian food from food carts by the beach, which is really atmospheric and great for kids who aren’t great at sitting at a dinner table. Gading and Ja’jan both have good kids menus, which you can also order by the pool. IMG_1130 However, by far the best meal we had, was at Homaya, the resorts signature Indonesian restaurant. We were presented with a selection of Indonesian krupuk (crackers) and 6 different types of sambal! For those who like a bit of spice, this is heaven. We ordered mixed satay, yellow rice and Balinese spiced pork ribs. All absolutely fantastic! inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide The views at night are also pretty spectacular so we made the most of the evening breezes at the bar with a cocktail or 2 and a walk down to the beach with the kiddos before bedtime. inaya-putri-bali-kids-guide The one thing the resort lacks is a kids club, but I’m assured that this won’t be for long. A fenced play area and indoor kids club are in the works and although there isn’t yet a date for the opening, I’ve been told Bali Kids Guide will be told the second they are up and running. To be honest, my kids were totally happy and entertained by the pools, grassy area to run on and beach, so this didn’t matter to us at all. We absolutely loved the Inaya Putri and were extremely impressed with the service, cleanliness and services in the resort. There was plenty of drinking water in the rooms, after cleaning the room was spotless and the coffee, tea, mini bar and bathroom amenities (which smelled amazing by the way) were stocked up daily. It really was a great stay, and I can confidently speak for my whole family when I say we would go back in a flash! See Inaya Putri in our directory. IMG_1123